Your visit will be a unique adventure castle.

emerged before the First Crusade. Knight and savior, rulers and ruled met on a promontory high above the Härtsfeld. Here duties and tithes were collected, survived bombardment and siege, history and lived stories. In Katzenstein Castle was ruled, lived and believed. A long history full of happiness and dangers has shaped the present castle. How about an old tree ring is laid to ring around the core of further time. Let us discover this annual rings of ten centuries

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1. March 2016

Die Stauferburg Katzenstein öffnet ihre Tore zur neuen Saison! Wir freuen uns darauf, Sie als Gäste begrüßen zu können!

For centuries, a treasure is suspected at the Castle Katzenstein and sought, according to the chronicles of a Burggeist to be guarded. "Now everyone can find the treasure with the app" promises castle master Mr. Michael Nomidis-Walter.

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