Tour Castle Katzenstein


Neues Schloss / New castleDSC_0424

The new palace was built in 1669 by the Count of Oettingen-Baldern.  Today you can view a small collection of old weapons and suits of armour, as well as a hunting room. The Rittersaal burned out in 1995.


Waffenzimmer / WeaponroomDSC_0428

Amongst other things a two-handed sword ("Gassenhauer"), two german halberds und various types of helmets were displayed. In the weaponroom some replicas of medieval  weapons and armor parts will be shown.

Jagdzimmer / HuntroomDSC_0430

The huntroom shows the meaning of  the hunt for the aristocracy in the middle Ages. It was privilege of the aristocracy and forbidden for the common people until 1848. 
Some trophies give a distinctive atmosphere to the room.

Burgkapelle zum Heiligen Laurentius / Laurentius chapel1 414

The breathtakingly beautiful Laurentius chapel shows pictures of three centuries. Most of them are outstanding murals dating from the 13th and 14th centuries. It is named after St. Lawrence who is patron saint of Rome.

Altes Schloss / Old castleDSC_0972

The old castle collapsed in 1905 and was rehabilitated from 2013 - 2015. With a new roof, a big room was built, which will be used for exhibitions and events until the season 2015.




Wachraum / GuardroomDSC_0436

In the guardroom the soldiers could spend their free time. Guards who passed the time in the cellar vault playing board and dice games, ate or rested.





The base of the defence tower dates back to the 11th century and is the oldest part of the castle. The tower with its height of 30 meters forms the heart of the castle. From its top you will have a nice view over the castle. Enjoy the view from the defence platform of the Egau and Katzenbach valleys, Härtsfeld Lake, Hofstatt farm and Neresheim Abbey as well as the historical Roman road.

The original entrance of the tower was 7 m from the ground, access to which was only possible via a ladder. The keep was inhabited by a guard who lived there with his family. The stone fireplace, with engravings of a cat and lily, is located in the keep.

Brunnenstube / WellroomDSC_0444

The wellroom contains a well, hewed into the rock, which is 23 meters deep.
The fresh water supply was of enormous importance for the inhabitants especially during a siege.


Staufersaal / Assembly roomDSC_0975

The great knights hall was the assembly room and refectory of the castle. It once had a fireplace and was one of the few heated rooms during wintertime.